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It’s incredible how much the culture of fangirling has evolved in the past few years and it definitely owes thanks to social media for playing a big part of it. 

We’ve seen bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer blow up with fame thanks to their dedicated fans spreading the world like wildfire and fangirls even have their own lingo (we totally ship you guys with your bae bc OTP) but now there’s a new craze sweeping the online nation – parodying. We’ve had a chat with a few people who are involved with this virtual sensation to fill you in with all the deets about the newest craze you’ll be seeing across Twitter.

Account: @1Harry_Styles
Followers: 11k
Account owner: Anonymous

What is parodying? 
As a parody, you’re basically taking on the role of a celebrity, of your choice, but everyone knows you’re a parody account. You tweet as if you’re person and tweet other parodies that the person you’ve chosen, would chat in real life. It makes it loads easier if you’re similar to the person you’ve chosen, as well, that way, there’s less “pretending” and it comes a bit more naturally.
It’s also important to be as genuine and realistic as possible, and treat the fans with as much respect as the boys would (or whomever you’ve decided to portray) would treat their fans.

Why have you chosen to parody?
Parody Louis (@Louis_T0mlins0n) and I decided to give it a go, around the same time and reckoned it would be a fun way to chat Directioners, while making them happy.

What made you choose 1D to parody? 
I chose Harry specifically because, he and I are rather optimistic about most things and try to find the positive in everyone and everything.  The boys and I chose 1D, I think, because they’re a good lot of lads and we have similar personalities to them.

Why do you keep your real identity anonymous?
Suppose if we told you who we were, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to run a parody account, it would be more like a personal account but, using someone else’s face as an alias, and it’s fun keeping people guessing a bit.

What does parodying involve?
Time. You have to be sure you’re able to tweet whenever you have time. And you have to have a bit of patients with people who aren’t sure of what parodying is. It can be hard at times, dealing with some of the negativity that comes alongside being a parody but, the good things always outweigh the bad.

How have you become so popular- what do you think the cause behind your popularity is? 
The boys and I never expected for our accounts to become as popular as they have. I reckon the reason people enjoy chatting us, is because, for them, it’s as if they’re talking to the genuine article and it makes them happy.

What sort of reactions do you get from your followers- do they treat you like the real 1D?
When we first started this, about 3 years ago, our followers chatted us a bit more frequently than they do now, and they got extremely excited whenever we’d tweet or followed them. Of course, there are quite a few people who still do and definitely treat us as if we’re the real thing. We appreciate everyone, especially those who have decided to continue supporting us, even when we haven’t been able to be as active, as we once were.

Some people don’t understand the whole concept of parodying. How would you explain it to those people who don’t really see the point of it? 
I’d say, we’re doing something positive for Directioners, where’s the negative in that? The reason we’ve done it, is to chat the directions in a fun way that gives them hope. It’s always been about the fans.
Suppose people should give us a proper chance, before deciding what we do is “pointless” and actually give us a look before, believing everything you’ve heard about us, from “outside sources”. Rumours are usually wrong anyway. I do understand however, us being anonymous, could lead people to believe things about us, that aren’t true but, as long as our followers know what we’re about, that’s what matters most.

What would you say to people who think you are actually pretending to be and convince people that you are the real One Direction?
I’d let them know that we’re not trying to convince anyone of anything and that if they read our bios, it would tell them that we’re parodies or not the real person. Most people, after I’ve explained myself, have understood and usually end up apologising for their mistake.

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