Harry Styles can’t get cuter – or so we thought until he decided to wear a pair of wellies!

Harry Styles is on a mission and that mission isn’t to save the world (although, he might be doing that too). It’s to single-handedly ruin the lives of the world population by donning  a pair of wellies.

And it isn’t the first time either. Clearly this well devised plan for mass destruction has been in the works for ages. Look at his smug face. He knows what he’s doing to us.

Baby, look what you’ve done to me, oh! Indeed, Harry, look what you’ve done to us.

It’s like being hit with a truck. A truck of cuteness but a truck all the same.

Look at him, scheming on the low as he takes off his beautiful boots in favor of ruining our lives with wellies. It would be rude if we weren’t so endeared.

Hopefully, the wellies never make a return because we fear for our mental health if they do… but still, we’ll continue to admire Harry and his wellies until we inevitably die from how cute he is,

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Written by Tashie

I just have a knack for boybands and writing. That's about it.

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