Harry Styles confesses love for bride-to-be in surprise video message

Now if you were about to get married, but then suddenly receive a video message from none other than Mr.Hazza Styles confessing his love for you, you’re pretty much going to drop everything and elope with H right? We don’t care how perf the hubby to be is – this is Harry Styles we’re talking about here…

Well that’s pretty much what happened to bride Tash Gershfield, who got married in London earlier this month. Before we all start hyperventilating and collapsing to the floor, covering ourselves in a pile of coats, the video was all arranged by Tash’s hubby James.

She is a mahoosive fan of the boys, so as a wedding surprise James arranged the personal video message from Haz – Tash had no idea and was in total shock. We expect she was – way to give a girl a heart attack!

Awww why can’t that video be for us though? (We totally haven’t been sat here pretending our name is Tash or anything…) One day it’ll happen to us and it will be for real, right? But seriously, we don’t actually know who we love more now Harry because…well he’s Harry? Or James for arranging the video message – what an absolute cutie!

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