Harry Styles: He’s got 27 tattoos (and now one more). POP BITS.

POP BITS. In a bid to compete with your boyfriend, Harry Styles has gone and gotten himself a new tattoo. OK, so the picture hasn’t totally and utterly been confirmed but the corresponding tattoo on his arm makes us 99.9999% sure it’s our Harry. This goes with Harry’s collection of over 30 designs, including birds, crucifixes, love hearts, and stuff in Hebrew. He looks pretty much exactly like our textbook from maths class, basically.

Although whether you like Harry’s sudden love of butterflies, or are mourning the part of his chest we used to be able to see, One Direction’s tattoo love has got them into a spot of bother all the same. After a post on Twitter, the band were forced to take down a request to the fans to post videos of their own bodily scrawlings, in case naughty under-18s started getting artistic ideas.

Well, it’s not going to win the Turner prize or anything, but we probably all like Harry Styles’ chest and/or butterflies, so either way it’s been a productive day. POP  BITS OUT.

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