Harry Styles talks about how many people he’s slept with. POP BITS.

POP BITS. It’s another Harry Styles gossip filled day on Maximum Pop! and that’s exactly how we like it. Between Ke$ha’s desire to spank him and Ed Sheeran screwing up his tattoos, we didn’t think we could handle any more goss from Hazza. Then we heard this little gem:

In his upcoming GQ Interview, which is out tomorrow (and you can view the 1D boys delicious covers here), Harry was interrogated about how many people he has slept with. Stylerz was initially tight lipped but after some Chinese Water Torture, he opened up slightly- Ok, we made the water torture bit up but it makes it more interesting!

When pressed for a number Harry admitted that the number of girls he has slept with is “definitely less than 100”. When asked if it was “Less than 50” he responded with a “Yes” and this continued all the way down to 30. Then Harry said that he had only ever slept with two people in his whole life. Come on now, Harry, pull the other one! We think the Chinese Water Torture method we suggested, may have gotten GQ the answer they were looking for. POP BITS OUT.

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Ke$ha wants to spank Harry Styles. POP BITS.

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