Harry Styles rocks a suit looking like it’s your grandma’s recycled curtains at the Love Magazine miu miu Fashion week party

There are curtains and then there are suits and you shouldn’t mix them but for some reason Harry Styles can wear a combination of both and still look as gorgeous as ever.

Hazza went to the Love Magazine miu miu Fashion Week party at LouLou’s in London last night wearing a very patterned suit that reminds us a bit of our grandma’s curtains or the hotel carpet, but hey, he still looks smoking hot.

Let’s hope you’ve prepared your eyes for the lovely sight of Harry Styles and a very patterned suit.

Harry with his pal Cara Delevingne

Here’s the front view
And here’s the suit in all his glory
Hazza telling a story while Cara thinks ‘What are you talking about?’

And then there’s him looking like a model, which some tumblr users definitely noticed.

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