Harry Styles’ songwriter friend says his new music is going to blow our socks off. As if we weren’t excited enough already!

Harry Styles has been in a few recent songwriting sessions with his mate Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol and things are looking promising for Harry’s solo career. We need his music now!

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Johnny has said: “Harry is a really prolific artist and a super-talented guy. He’s really authentic and he has an incredible voice, so we’ve been writing a lot of songs. We’ve been writing songs for years together.”

“I would imagine that Harry would come up with something that’s going to be pretty special, and from what I’ve heard, it’ll blow the socks off the world.” We are ready to have our socks blown off, and if Johnny is a co-writer on a track, we know it’ll be extra amazing. (He has an Ivor Novella award with Ed Sheeran!)


“I don’t know about soon, I don’t know how long that is”, says Johnny. It doesn’t seem we’ll be getting any music from Hazza soon as he’s quite busy having an acting career in Hollywood anyway, but it’s so exciting that he’s got some material ready, if he feels like surprise dropping it on us.


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