One Direction ‘Steal My Girl’ teaser no. 3: Harry Styles shows us what love is.



Today is that time of the day again, Directioners!
Another ‘Steal My Girl’ teaser just popped out and brought joy into our day in just 12 seconds.

So… Liam is Power, Zayn is Mystery and Harry is LOVE.


Of course Harry is LOVE. We think that nobody could have been LOVE more than Harry. He’s in LOVE with LOVE. He knows every aspect of LOVE, he wrote fantastic songs about LOVE and he has 9 journals filled with poems and songwriting probably all about LOVE.
And we’re in LOVE with LOVE so we’re basically in LOVE with Harry Styles.  Alright? Alright.

This flamboyant ball of LOVE and JOY awkwardly dancing surrounded by ballerinas, improving his ballet techniques, in his leopard coat it’s what you want to see for the rest of your life.
God only knows how much he improves his twirls and pirouettes techniques during the last year and how proud of him we are.


We’re so in LOVE with those 12 seconds that we want to make a coat fort with his leopard coat and cuddle under it with him and his luscious hair FOREVER.

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