35 reactions we ALL had to Harry Styles’ new solo single ‘Sign of the Times’


THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL. Harry Styles‘ debut solo single ‘Sign of the Times’ is finally here and in case you haven’t already gathered we’re ALL pretty excited 100000000000% freaking out, right now.

So much so, that the Internet had a near death experience this morning. We’re not kidding! Someone call Bob the Builder ASAP because it’s well and truly broken.

But who can blame us really?! ‘Sign of the Times’ is so bloomin’ good! Plus, it might just be our fave One Direction solo material yet.

Shhhh, don’t tell Niall and Louis!

Obvs, we wanted to capture this special moment in One Direction history.

Whilst we don’t have time to re-write the dreary history books you read in class (lol – soz we couldn’t resist that one) we do have time to round up the BEST reactions fans had to ‘Sign of the Times’.

Spoiler alert: They’re flippin’ brilliant.

Surely you’ve memorised all the lyrics to Harry Styles’ ‘Sign of the Times’ already and will 100% ace this quiz?

R.I.P the internet. Harry Styles hath broke ye with his debut solo single ‘Sign of the Times’

QUIZ: Harry Styles’ wardrobe or Wetherspoons carpet?


2. YEP!


4. OMG

5. Play it loud and play it proud, Directioners!

6. These keep getting better and better

7. The tears are flowing!

8. All hail, Harry

9. We’re still in shock

10. *FIRE*


12. Our boys <3

13. So sweet


15. *Plays it for the 463728 time*

16. We’re sooooo proud

17. CUTE

18. We can’t stop, okay?!

19. He’s perfect in every way

20. (!!!!)

21. It’s true, though

22. We’re DEAD

23. The world… The internet… Our lives

24. He is God

25. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves


27. So much love

28. That doesn’t sound healthy? BUT WE GETCHA

29. Loooooooooooooool

30. *CRIES*

31. We’re awful at Maths but it’s A LOT


33. He’s a national treasure

34. We’ll remember them forever

35. It really is!

You lot do make us chuckle!

Once you’ve finished frantically RTing these brilliant tweets, you can test your ‘Sign of the Times’ knowledge in our latest quiz. All you’ve got to do is name every. single. lyric. Easy, right?

Let us know what you think of ‘Sign of the Times’ in the comments below.

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