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Harry Styles went to the shops and he bought, a banana and a…

Harry Styles is back in London Town now and has started on his down time, and his first stop was his local Tesco to pick up a few bits.

photo (2)

Now we can’t confirm or deny what Mr Styles was packing in his basket but we think we have a pretty good idea.

1. So first things first, he obviously picked up some head and shoulders for those luscious locks.giphy (82)

2. We also reckon he picked up his fav, BANANAS. giphy (83)

3. Maybe a lint roller? The boy wears a lot of black, dun he.giphy (84)

4. He probably bought a copy of Vogue too because we bet his new girl Ken is in there somewhere.giphy (85)

5. The boy is in the crisp isle, he’s probably getting chips and dips for Netflix and chill.giphy (86)

What do you guys reckon our boy Harry had in his basket? Tweet us @maximumpop.


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