It’s the second week of July and Harry Styles’ shirts are already very loud and crazy.

Ah fashion. It’s such a great thing. Full of colour, patterns and so much inspiration. We’ve had our fair share of super styles and faux pas fashion from the pop world and that’s exactly what Harry has been bringing us this month (and it’s only been a bloody week). Take a look at what he’s been wearing this month…

Harry Styles shirt 4

A pretty bold shirt. Very “dad in the summer holidays” -esque but not  the craziest we have seen him wear.

Harry Styles shirt 3

If it weren’t for the tattoos we wouldn’t have believed this was Harry. Such plain. Very normal. Much surprised.

Harry Styles shirt 2

This one we really like. Very stylish but not too much going on. But then again we would easily rip it off him… even if it cost more than our house.

Harry Styles shirt 1


Ummm… this one… looks more like a wallpaper in our local takeaway…. but either way Harry manages to look hot AF, whatever he wears.



Which of Harry’s shirts do you love (or loathe) the most? Tweet us a pic @maximumpop and let’s create a gallery of the best and worst Harry shirts.

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