It’s been exactly a year since Harry Styles was last photographed shirtless. Show us the nipples, Haz.

June 30 2014 was a historic day. We’re sure you’ll remember exactly where you were and what you were doing, right? No? What, do you mean, no?


Let us remind you. Exactly one year ago today was the last time that Harry Styles was photographed topless. THAT’S A WHOLE 36 DAYS WITHOUT SEEING HARRY STYLES’ TUMMY.

Why’s he been keeping his clothes on? Maybe he really is pregnant.

Let’s remind ourselves of that glorious skin, shall we?

tumblr_inline_nqrba8ukkb1s4klwc_500 tumblr_inline_nqrba3202t1s4klwc_500

We wonder what it looks like now. Are there any new tattoos? Any new nipples?

Share your favourite topless Harry Styles moments with us over on Twitter.

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