Harry Styles, our friendly mermaid, decided to protect more of his own kind and we couldn’t be more proud

Of course we’re just kidding about Harry being a mermaid. We think, anyways. Who knows, he might just be a mermaid. We wouldn’t exactly be surprised.

During the last 1D concert, Harry asked the crowd as a whole whether they loved dolphins and when they said they did, he told them not to go to Sea World as you can see in the video below.

If you are unfamiliar with Sea World, they’re known for animal cruelty. For dolphins specifically, you can read up on it here or you can do your own research and find more instances of animal cruelty. Trust us (and Harry) when we say Sea World are not pals of sea creatures.

Sea World, of course tweeted Harry defending themselves.

But we know the truth and so does Harry. Instead of supporting Sea World, spend your money on a One Direction concert where you can watch Harry Styles spit out water instead. No cruelty involved. We swear.

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