Harry Styles says no to SeaWorld and yes to vegan dolphin-shaped chocolates.

At One Direction’s recent concert in San Diego, California, Harry asked the crowd whether or not they loved dolphins. When everyone cheered, he then urged them not to visit Sea World—a major San Diego attraction with over 4 million visitors per year.

Last October, before 1D’s concert in Miami, Florida, Harry met with the people behind the Dolphin Project.

The Dolphin Project’s main goal is “to put an end to dolphin exploitation and slaughter once and for all.” SeaWorld is one of their main offenders.

Harry must have believed in their mission, because he wore the organization’s t-shirt on stage that same night in Miami.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), one of the largest and most vocal animal rights organizations, is applauding Harry for his actions. They are allegedly planning to send him one of their “SeaWorld Kills” t-shirts and a box of vegan dolphin-shaped chocolates to say thanks. Better send enough treats for four!

With a Twitter following of 25 million and over 70,000 people in attendance at the San Diego concert, Harry has a big voice—and we’re so glad he’s using it to help protect the animals that inspire him so much!

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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