Harry Styles paints the town red, wait we mean nails. Paints his nails red.

Let’s admit it, Harry Styles is the ultimate fashion icon and his looks are always on point.

For example, he was wearing red nail polish during 1D’s gig in Denmark. The dark red suits Harry so well, what do you think?


People immediately thought that he wore it because of charity – there’s a campaign called “Stand up against domestic violence”.


But as you can see in the picture, people painted their ring finger bright purple and Harry painted both his index fingers red. Our Haz has known as a very generous person but in that case there was nothing to do with charity.

Also he wore nail polish before, it seems like he prefers nice, pretty, fresh colors.









Look, this is a perfect example of Summer style! You might have to learn another lesson from Mr. Styles. We love that he doesn’t care about gender norms at all, and it’s truly inspirational for his fans.


Which colour combination does Harry need to try next? Share your opinion below!

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