Harry Styles, Tyler Oakley and Taylor Swift have been lying to us about their age. We’ve found out the truth with this 100% accurate website

All the popular popstars are aged between mid teens to early twenties, right? Wrong. That’s what they want you to think. When in fact, they are actually using really good make up and taking vitamin tablets to make you think they are in their prime time and are the perfect envy for you lot, when we’ve actually got the truth.

Thanks to the highly accurate website- – we’ve been able to track the real age of some of your faves. Let’s investigate.

Taylor Swift

Taylor 31

*Gasp* Taylor! You lied to us! Now we see the attraction to cats and baking.

Michael Clifford 

Michael Clifford 25

There we were thinking Michael was a rebellious teen and it turns out he’s 25! You can probably catch him doing his taxes in the post office…

Harry Styles

harry 29

Harry, no! The older Harry is, the less chance we have with him. We want him to be young and willing for us to date him. Sorta explains #Haroline 2011, though.

Brad Simpson

Brad Simpson 23

And there we were getting ready to celebrate his upcoming big 2-0. Shocking.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler oakley 36

TYLER. No wonder he dyes his hair- to get down with the youth of today. Tut tut.

Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes age

We cannot believe you, Alfie. We really cannot.

Camila Cabello

Camilla 27

We were envying how young and beautiful she is when she’s in fact older than us! WTF?!

Perrie Edwards

Perrie 30PEZZA! Seriously?! Well, we suppose girl bands are more successful when they’re younger… this was her only way to be picked to be in Little Mix…

Can you believe it?! To find out the age of other your faves, head over to this site right here and make sure you tweet us @maximumpop their ages and let’s see who’s the biggest porkie pie teller.


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