The best Harry Styles GIFs for every situation. #5yearsofonedirection

One Direction is turning 5 years old! Time to party!


We remember 2010 for a lot of things and one of those is meeting the cupcake that Harry Styles is.

Harry has inspired many in these years so it is time to celebrate him taking a look back to see how much he has evolved.

Let’s get down to it!

Here are the best 20 Harry Styles’ GIFs, for all kinds of situations:

When you and your friends have watched ‘Step Up’ for the 3rd time and a Nicky Minaj song comes up in the club.


When someone promised you they were almost ready and would be there in 5 minutes.

large (1)

When you and your friends end up in a weird hippie party and you “didn’t know ” it was happening.

large (2)

When your mother says dinners is ready and you have been browsing Tumblr since lunch.

large (3)

When you have a last minute birthday party and you need to take a present.

large (4)

When you can’t hold anymore in.

large (7)

When you are in a restaurent and you want free dessert.

large (8)

When you fall in love at first sight and you start planning your wedding and how your last names would sound when combined.

large (9)

When you are the designated driver at a party and the fridge is empty.

large (11)

When you are having second thoughts about your fashion choices.

large (12)

When you have an argument with your boyfriend and you need a hug from a friend.

large (14)

When you are accepting an award and Kanye West interrupts you.

large (15)

When you are finally on holidays and can binge watch a tv show but your mother has other plans for you.


When they ask you which your nationality is.


When you go to a restaurant and you hear the words “all organic”.


When the bae gets home.


When you need help in an argument.


When you see someone so hot that ‘Boom’ you are pregnant.


When no bro can come at you.


When you meet someone too cute and you can’t hide it.


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