Prepare to feast your eyes on the most perfect photographs ever taken. Of course they involve Harry Styles.

We’re all very aware that Harry Styles is rather perfect, right? From those chocolate eyes, to those seemingly random tattoos, to that soothing voice, to the mop of curls that sit perfectly on his head. He’s just a little bit amazing. No, a big bit amazing.


When we were on our daily hourly Tumblr break, we immediately stopped scrolling when we saw brand new photos of Harry Styles and after examining every inch of the photo, we fell in love all over again with that curly haired boy. Because placed just inside Hazza’s left ear in these photos is the most perfect little curl to ever grown out of his head.

Just look, and squeal, and cry, and save, a reblog, and make your lock screen, and then look again.

We are definitely in love with him and all his little things.

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Written by Maximum Pop!

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