Harry Styles’ mum was targeted by disgusting iCloud hack and Gemma is not best pleased

While there are pros and cons to being a big pop star in the music business, you definitely want to have some sort of a private life. Sadly, Harry’s was majorly compromised over the weekend.


Someone managed to hack into Harry’s mum Anne’s iCloud and leak lots of photos and videos belonging to the famous family, including pictures from holidays and Harry’s rumoured girlfriend, Kendall. WHO DID THIS AND WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO THEY THINK THEY’RE PLAYING AT?!

Since the crime has taken place, Anne has deactivated her Twitter, which we are really gutted about, because we love Mrs Twist and her amazing fundraising tweets. The poor woman’s done nothing wrong!

Her oldest child, Gemma, wasn’t at all pleased about the situation as she angrily tweeted:

We hope that Anne, Harry and Gemma are okay and the criminal is caught very soon. Don’t hack accounts, people. It’s not big, it’s not clever and you’re going to get in deep trouble.

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