The world has a serious concern on its hands – Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson might just be the same person

That’s right. The same person. Or maybe they share the same soul, we’re not quite sure yet…

Buckle up and enjoy the journey.

First let’s start off with that one week in August 2013… you know the one!

This is outrageous Louis, you’re right. How can you two have such similar answers!?

This is getting creepier by the minute.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.14.59 PM


And it wasn’t even just that one week in August… it’s been happening for years.

And they’re PROUD of it…

We can’t forget this interview where they were instructed to count to 10 and stop a watch.

They’re on the same wavelength to the point they’re only .03 seconds apart.

We’re officially scared… so moving on.

Remember that Justin Timberlake song ‘Mirrors’?

We’re making two reflections into one ’cause it’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.

Yeah, we’re pretty convinced it was written about Louis and Harry.

DID THEY PLAN THIS??? They must’ve planned this…


If you think that’s bad though… it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

And with the next one, Harry seems to physically turn INTO Louis… which… what!?

And then there’s this…

It’s all just too much. It has to be impossible. That or Louis and Harry are sharing a soul.. we always did suspect they might be soulmates.

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