Fit or Fake: Is this the next best Harry Styles?

We all wish we had a friend who looked like Mr Styles, hell we’d probably even pay someone to hang around with us if they were that good looking.

Well, that’s exactly what Aron Dale decided to do. The 25 year old quit university to pursue his career as a Hazza lookalikey.

According to Aron he can ‘bring a whole coffee shop or restaurant to a standstill when I go out dressed in Harry’s trademark clothing – bandana round my head, skinny jeans and leather boots.’


Urm, we’re not so sure you look THAT much like our Harold.

Aron seems a bit too big for his Chelsea boots stating, ‘On top of this, I talk like him and I have the same swagger – I just am him. It can be difficult looking like someone famous but I guess this is my life now. There’s not much I can do about my face.’


After having the dream job of err…being Harry Styles for a year Aron has only managed around 6 bookings. He should have probably stayed at university…


Opinions please? Is he the next best Styles or should he just quit now?


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