Harry Styles has recorded us a soothing lullaby to help us get to sleep.

Ah, Harry Styles. What a wonderful man. We’ve always loved his voice. However, it wasn’t until we were sat in that dark cinema in the summer of 2013 watching ‘This Is Us’ when we realised just how soothing Harry’s voice was. We felt our eyes beginning to feel heavy, and all worries and thoughts were pushed to the back of our mind as Harry Styles’ voice lulled us into the most relieving sense of relaxation we have ever felt. It was euphoric. Imagine laying in bed and having Harry Styles read you a bedtime story or speaking to you about his day as you drift of the sleep. Sensational, isn’t it?



We’ve always thought that Harry should go into audiobooks after One Direction but it seems he’s gone one better than us and recorded a special lullaby especially for us. We’re imagining him topless as he recorded this, ok?

We can’t wait to jump into bed tonight, read a few chapters of ‘After’ and play this as we drift into a nice, easy sleep.

Oh Harry.

P.S.: We’re very sorry if it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, teehee.

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