Harry Styles has a lot of talents and among them is juggling – our hearts!

So as we all know, Harry Styles can sing, has an excellent fashion taste, beautiful locks of hair, a lovely personality as well as an award-winning smile. What you might not know is that… he can juggle.

Here we have the rest of One Direction standing back and admiring as the rare creature Harry Styles throws multiple fruits in the air and proceeds to catch them.

He looks so happy to be juggling a bunch of balls. We think it may the source of his energy. Bless his little lovely heart.

Truly inspirational. (Nice save, Harry. Nice save.)

After spending too much of his life source on laughing adorably, Harry charged back up and regained his energy by drawing straight from the source- juggling water bottles. What a wondrous creature he is.

Harry is truly one of a kind. And we love him for it.

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Written by Tashie

I just have a knack for boybands and writing. That's about it.

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