Harry Styles is a fashion icon, movie muse, and gay rights advocate. In case you needed more reasons to love him.

Harry Styles is a very visible guy. He’s singing on stages, he’s gracing magazine covers, he’s sitting on the top of best dressed lists, he’s strutting down the streets of Los Angeles.

But fans noticed Harry recently somewhere they never expected—in an animated film. In Pixar’s newest film ‘Inside Out’that tells the story of a girl having to cope with moving to a new city by bringing her emotions to life as actual characters, the girl’s ideal boyfriend looks an awful lot like the One Direction star. Long, curly hair? Check. Tall and lanky? Check. Tight jeans? Check. The film’s director Peter Docter told Digital Spy, “[Harry]’s the greatest hits of what an imaginary boyfriend would look like. We asked a lot of people!”

Harry’s doesn’t only look the part of the ideal boyfriend, though; his personal values are just as good as his appearance. He uses his high visibility and fame to speak out about issues important to him. As a well-known fashion icon, even making it onto GQ’s List of the 20 Most Stylish Men Alive, Harry is smart; he knows the things he wears get noticed. While words in interviews may get twisted, clothing with messages comes across loud and clear.

At a One Direction concert in St. Louis last year, Harry wore the Rams jersey of then current player Michael Sam—the first openly gay man drafted into the NFL. Harry’s intent did not go unnoticed.

And recently, at a One Direction concert in Vancouver, Harry picked up a rainbow flag from an audience member and wrapped it around himself on stage.

To One Direction’s LBGTQ+ fans, this kind of open support means everything. It helps them to know the concert is a safe space, and someone that high profile accepts them for who they are. Thanks to Harry poured in on social media.

It comes as no surprise that our list of things we love about Harry Styles continues to grow. Yes, of course we first fell in love with sparkling green eyes and adorable dimples and gorgeous curls that inspired the image of the perfect boyfriend in Inside Out, but watching Harry use his fame to do good in the world and help all his fans feel loved makes him even better. (Speaking of which, check out his new action/1D video about helping all children get an education.)

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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