Long hair don’t care: Hella hair Harry

It’s no secret that we all love Harry’s luscious curls, but someone felt the need to remind the cutie that he still has “Hella Good Hair”. We agree, banner, We agree.

tumblr_naxce9Obes1qbhmero1_250 tumblr_naxce9Obes1qbhmero2_250


The more than accurate poster caught Mr Styles eye at one of their recent concerts and his face says it all: surprise, excitement and then a clear cheer of triumph. It’s possibly one of the most adorable Harry moments EVER! Growing his hair out from it’s previous well groomed mop, we weren’t sure how to take this new and more wild looking Harry. Then the answer hit us: Sexy as hell. One sweep of those brunette curls is enough to melt us like butter. Oh how we’d love to run our fingers through it…


This is one picture that will defiantly be added to the ‘Harry Hair’ shrine.

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