Weird news: Harry Styles apparently learning Hebrew, Israeli Embassy tweets him

Sometimes, in the world of pop, it can seem like a celeb blowing their nose is worthy of a headline. And that one little nose-blowing can then lead on to a WHOLE bunch of weird rumours. Latest in the ‘Celeb Blows Nose, Face Explodes and Surgery Required’ type news is this: apparently (allegedly, reportedly, etc etc) Harry Styles wants to learn Hebrew and loves everything about Judaism.

Not that there’s anything wrong in that, of course, but we’re a little dubious because the two sources for this groundbreaking revelation are 1) he has some Hebrew tattoos and 2) the director of the ‘Story of my Life’ vid is Jewish.

Hazza himself hasn’t said anything on the matter, which makes us think that this might be a bit of a porky-pie. However, it didn’t take long for the article to reach the Israeli Embassy, who seemed delighted by the rumours and decided to Tweet the man himself:

If it all turns out to be a load of codswallop, which we suspect it might be, then they might end up a bit disappointed if the 1D boys don’t pay Israel a visit.

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