Harry Styles is not a fan of twerking. POP BITS

POP BITS. Despite showcasing his twerking abilities at the Teen Choice Awards not that long ago, Hazza has revealed that he is not a fan of the provocative dance move… and even frowns upon it!

Stylerz revealed to Moviefone that he thinks it’s “quite inappropriate”, “especially for the age group it’s aimed at”. He then went on to label the dance move as something that “promotes promiscuity”. Harry’s is getting very sensible recently, isn’t he? Or maybe he just really has a problem with the dance sensation sweeping the nation… or maybe he just has a problem with Miley?

When asked if he was worried about the young age of their fans, Harry piped upon again and said “When they’re twerking, yes”. Ok, we get it Hazza… we’ll never ask you to twerk again. POP BITS OUT.

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