Harry Styles is amazing at Scrabble. Find out how many points he got. Plus 5 games we’d like to play with him.

Harry Styles is beautiful, he can sing, he can wiggle his bum, and he has amazing hair. But now we’ve discovered he’s even good at Scrabble, in fact he’s brilliant. Have a look at this Instagram post he’s just uploaded.

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How many points is that? 175 actually. We counted on our fingers and everything.

But this got us thinking, if Hazza is good at the ultimate word game that is Scrabble then he must be pretty good at other games too and there are a few games we’d like to play with him (naughty). We’ve picked the five we think he’d be best at.


We think it’d be pretty fun watching Harry get a bit of a nervous sweat on waiting to see if the donkey’s going to buck or not.




We want to play the board game of the TV series Pointless with Harry to see who’d remember more obscure One Direction tracks out of us and him. We bet we’d win.


We know it’s not a board game but we’d just have to rig it so that we were married to Harry, living in a mansion with six kids.

Number 4Guess Who

Would it be amazing watching Harry try and remember former X Factor contestants with just vague descriptions like “There’s two of them…they’re boys…they look the same…they have big hair’? Have you guessed who it is yet?




We just wanted to mention Operation so we could make a joke about Harry putting things inside of our body, teehee!

Which game would you like to play with Harry? Keep it clean and let us know over on Twitter.


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