7 times Harry Styles has slayed us by wearing floral print clothes for your enjoyment

Harry Styles seems to love wearing clothes with a flower print and we love it when he wears it as well, so we decided to kill ourselves by looking at our favourite times he wore floral.


Let’s start off with the most recent and most floral one, shall we? Harry in that Gucci floral suit at the AMA’s this year certainly made our day.


Then there was that one time he wore a yellow floral print shirt during OTRA because even a few flowers on a shirt make it a floral print shirt.


Going back to his headscarf days, he also wore one with a floral print and made us weak in the knees by doing so.


When he slayed us with this red and blue coloured floral shirt and an open mouth that gave us ideas.



Some lucky fans met Hazza wearing this floral beauty and we’re still  jealous it wasn’t us who got to see this in real life.


That silky flowery shirt he wore to their book signing last year made us tear up quite a bit because of how gorgeous he looked.


But then there’s that one shirt that he slayed us with completely. Yes we’re talking about the black sheer one with the red flowers and this one deserves two pictures.

tumblr_inline_nni46dC7R81r453ob_500 tumblr_inline_nomeayI41Q1tp2ggz_540

Still alive? No we’re not either.

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