Harry Styles has flashed Luke Hemmings’ MUM and we’re quite jealous.

5SOS are going to be on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man tonight at 10pm and as one of our fave journos ever, Alan gets right down to the nitty gritty and asks important questions such as “is it true when you toured with 1D that Harry walks around nude a lot?”

Not only did 5SOS confirm this (which we all knew about, anyway, since Harry used to be rather confident in his nudeness) but they tell a tale of an awkwardly embarrassing moment for Luke’s mum, Liz…

harry gif

Mikey explains “The worst part was that Luke’s mum was standing right there, and he comes in on the Segway, just butt naked. He comes in on the Segway, sees Luke’s mum and turns around.”



“It was like his first time on a Segway too so it was kind of awkward turning around and trying to hide things at the same time,” Ashton added.

We’re not too sure how Liz felt about it, but we’d like to think she’s happy to have lived to tell the tale.

Oh, Harry. What are we to do with you? We wonder how Luke feels about it. At least Harold had the decency to (try and) leave as soon as he found things were gonna be awkward.

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