It’s been five years since Harry Styles’ first ever tweet. Where has the time gone?

ALERT. ALERT. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. PUT EVERYTHING DOWN, FOR TODAY IS A HISTORIC DAY. Bigger than a birthday, bigger than Christmas, today is the day that we remember all getting that very first notification from Twitter user @Harry_Styles and the little babe posted his first tweet.

(You wouldn’t really have got a notification, you wouldn’t even have known who he was)

Does that go for your favourites too, Harry?

So, what did the tweet say? It was bloomin’ riveting.

But we all know that’s a lie, don’t we Harold? Because you were at judges’ houses filming The X Factor.

Oh fetus Harry, we’ll always love you. Oh Zayn, we miss you. Oh Liam, how we long for your floppy locks to return.

How on earth has it been half a decade already?

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