Harry Potter, Mr Darcy and other essential roles we need to see Harry Styles in after ‘Dunkirk’

With ‘Dunkirk‘ set to be released in less than a year and the fan theory cogs already churning, we thought it only right to bring you a colourful insight into Harry’s very successful filmography as an award winning actor. We have high hopes for our talented son and we reckon these roles would be super fitting for a guy of his calibre.


1. Wild west hero


There was a time when Harry wouldn’t be seen dead without a fedora, so we think it’s time for Harry to gradute to fully-fledged cowboy. We can’t imagine anything better than Harry timidly singing country songs, strumming on a guitar and riding horseback like an absolute pro.

2. The dirty indie kid role


We’re going to need Harry sporting a quiff for the foreseeable future in an arty indie film with lots of romantic soft focus shots. The hopelessly misunderstood boy role is screaming his name.

3. Give Marcel the movie he deserves!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Harry Style’s performance of Marcel in One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’ video was Oscar-worthy. We’re not entirely sure why the goddamn award hasn’t been given to him already, tbh. So if Harry could appear in something along the lines of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, rushing around a busy editorial room that would be fab, thanks.

4. Disney Prince. We repeat: DISNEY PRINCE!


If you don’t think Harry would make the be-all-end-all Disney prince then you’re wrong. You’re just wrong. Look at the GIF, for goodness sake. His beautiful curly locks, that chiselled jaw, and glittering green eyes to match are the stuff of actual Disney proverb — you  cannot fight us on this. We think if Disney were to make a live action movie of ‘Tangled’, Harry would be the Flynn to our Ryder.

5. Helloooooo, Mr. Darcy


The possibility of Mr. Darcy is probably very unlikely considering there’s already been a ton of adaptions. But we’d very much like to start a petition to have a new one made — just so, you know, Harry can take on the broody, ultimate enemies to lovers role. Again, this GIF really lends itself well to that sexy, walking in the rain scene, right?

6. Grease him up!


Put this boy in a 50s inspired movie right this instant! We think we’d quite like some summer lurvin’ with this fine young man.

7. ‘Arry Potter, anyone?


If the spell Harry already has us under is anything to go by, we think he’d make a pretty fantastic Harry Potter. Obviously, the films have been and gone, so there’s not much chance of him landing the role. Still, we have high hopes that ‘Cursed Child‘ will be extended or resurrected in years to come, long after its initial run. At which time our Hazza will be the perfect age for 19-years-later-Harry, obvs.

We’re heart eyes just thinking about our boy doing us proud in allll the film roles. What would be your absolute dream come true role for Harry? Tweet us @maximumpop and we can flail together.

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