Harry Styles fell on the stage the same way people fall for him – VERY, VERY HARD.

That’s right. Last night, Harry Styles practically dived into the stage during their performance of ‘Through The Dark’ and when he went down… boy, he went down HARD.

Here’s footage of him and the stage becoming one. It pains us to even watch it because he quite literally crashes into the stage and there’s even a thud.

Harry is truly… truly a baby deer.

We’re even sadder to say it only gets worse in different angles. We’ve never seen someone crash and burn this badly. Oh dear. Cover your eyes if you’re easily queasy, this is sensitive material.

We hope you’re okay Harry! And that your bum didn’t break on the impact!

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Written by Tashie

I just have a knack for boybands and writing. That's about it.

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