You need to VOTE on these fan theories about those Harry Styles ‘Dunkirk’ set pictures

Have we been truly blessed these past couple of days, or what? Harry Styles has touched back down in the UK, filming for his debut acting gig as a soldier in WW2 film ‘Dunkirk‘ now taking place in Swanage, Dorset. And with his arrival, gone are the awful, grainy close-ups of him on set where we had to do some serious squinting to work out which soldier was our Hazza. Now we’ve finally got some beautiful HQ pap shots to drool over. Hallelujah!

Harry Styles Kiss

However, with their arrival they’ve naturally brought about some speculation about whether or not Harry’s character will survive, or if we’re going to have to endure watching him die on the big screen. Uh, no thanks… We’ll definitely pass.


Tbh, ever since we found out that Harry was not only going to be in a movie, but set in one during the wartime, we were a little afraid about his well-being — although it would obvs be watching his character die and, you know, not actual Harry Styles himself. Either way, we’re not entirely sure our hearts could take it. In fact, we reckon we’d be actual sobbing messes smack bang in the middle of the cinema.

So when the pictures began to arrive, first depicting a dirty faced Harry and then later Harry seemingly arriving home at the end of the war by train, with big smiles and welcome home gifts held in one of his big, all-encompassing hands. Well, we felt ourselves being lulled into a false sense of security.

Yep, seeing the pictures definitely made us experience a big sigh of relief. Harry is all smiles, leaning out of a train carriage window and grasping onto bottles of presumably beer, apples and bread. The faces of the towns people also seem spirited and full of celebration, so we have to assume they were shooting one of the final scenes of the soldiers arriving home from Dunkirk.

Phew, Harry lives! We don’t have to go through the emotion turmoil of watching one of our fave 1D boys being shot down and taking his last breath… Right?

Turns out, there have been some other, far more distressing theories that don’t bode well for Harry. Oh hell no, not today, Satan!

Some of us fans have got our thinking caps on, though, and have pointed out that, when returning from the war, soldiers are generally cleaned up for their welcome home committee. In the pictures, however, Harry still appears a little dirtied up. Whilst some of these theories could be linking the two separate sets of photos and getting a tad confused, there still appears to be some mud on Harry’s face in the train station shots.

For the most part, Harry also seems to be the only one hanging out of the window. No other soldiers are greeting the people at the station. That said, Harry Styles is obvs a high profile celeb, so why would the paps want to focus their snaps on anyone else? We definitely wouldn’t realise anyone else was in the room if we were breathing the same air as Harry freaking Styles.

Still, the theory remains: could they be filming a dream sequence, in which Harry’s character is envisioning his return home whilst wounded on the battleground? Or is all well in the world and he in fact lives?

Vote in our poll and tweet us @maximumpop with what you think. Crossing our fingers he makes it through, tbh.


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