Here’s what 43 MASSIVE publications had to say about Harry’s INCREDIBLE ‘Dunkirk’ performance

We still can’t get over how GOOD he is

The verdict’s in and the critics have spoken; Harry Styles has blown people away with his incredible ‘Dunkirk’ performance. He can sing, he can paint and now he can act. Jeez is there anything you can’t do, Harry?

As most of you already know, ‘Dunkirk’ hits cinemas on Friday. Harry plays Alex in the war film and when he first got the part plenty of people were keen to bash him for it. There was speculation that Harry ‘couldn’t act’ and only got the part due to how famous he was. Well… What a load of nonsense.

Unsurprisingly, Harry’s done a brilliant job with the character and press and critics were keen to share praise on social media. Not only was our fave 1D member complimented on his brilliant debut performance, but people are also speculating what his next film role will be. Any ideas? A young Mick Jagger, maybe?

Here’s what 43 massive publications had to say about Harry’s role in ‘Dunkirk’.

1. The Telegraph

‘There is a bright, convicted, and unexpectedly not-at-all-jarring performance from Harry Styles…’ The Telegraph

2. The Guardian

‘Tommy is to come into contact with fellow soldier, Alex (Harry Styles, making a perfectly strong acting debut).’ – The Guardian

3. Empire

‘Dunkirk is a study of people under immense pressure, from Rylance’s civilian-on-a-rescue-mission (call him the FBG — Friendly Boat Guy) to Cillian Murphy’s traumatised wreck-survivor (credited only as ‘Shivering Soldier’) to Harry Styles’ bolshy infantry grunt (an impressive debut performance, and definitely not the Rihanna-in-Battleship debacle you may have feared).’Empire

4. Bustle

5. Variety

‘Both Murphy and Hardy have worked with Nolan before (each as Batman villains), but he uses them in character-actor mode here, treating these marquee talents as equals among a cast of newcomers (including Harry Styles, looking every bit the 1940s matinee idol).’ – Variety

6. Business Insider

7. 1Xtra

8. Cinemablend

9. NME

‘And he then brings a mismatched ensemble cast of huge names (Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh, who all make brief but much-anticipated appearances) and untested new talent: Harry Styles here takes a break from pop superstardom to make his much-fêted acting debut, as critics sharpen their knives.’ – NME

10. The Hollywood Reporter

‘In Dunkirk, Nolan has gotten everything just right.‘ – The Hollywood Reporter

11. The Daily Beast

12. Tampa Bay Times

‘The performances are solid as such Nolan’s vision requires, including pop star Harry Styles briefly.’  – Tampa Bay Times

13. GQ

‘Harry Styles can actually act: Granted, Harry doesn’t have that many lines in Dunkirk, but then, nobody does in this near-silent, extremely tense war film.’ GQ

14. Awards Circuit

‘In his first major film role, One Direction’s Harry Styles shows tremendous promise.’Award Circuit

15. Metro Entertainment

16. The Express

‘And yes for the record Styles can act, unlike David Beckham’s embarrassing attempt in King Arthur.’ – The Express

17. Den Of Geek

‘It’s also, hands down, the film of the summer.’Den Of Geek

18. Rolling Stone

‘He joins up two other soldiers – Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) and Alex (Harry Styles, playing a small role with subtle grace and zero pop-star showboating).’ Rolling Stone

19. The Metro

‘Styles is great in Dunkirk – perhaps that’s why he’s been coy about his future in Hollywood – and despite his star power and the instantly recognisable face, he never overpowers a scene he’s in.’ The Metro

20. IGN

‘The cast of unknowns are compelling, with Harry Styles handed some of the more dramatic scenes which he handles with skill beyond his experience.’ – IGN

21. The Huffington Post

‘Harry has a sizeable amount of work to do. Film fans who were worried that it might be jarring to see the camera pan across to a 1D star among the soldiers on the beach can rest assured, Harry fits right in with his co-stars.’ The Huffington Post

22. The Mirror

23. Yahoo

24. The Sun

25. The Express

‘Dunkirk is a genre-defining spectacle that is sure to influence not just war movies but cinema for years to come.’ The Express

26. InStyle

‘So, the question you’re all asking: can Harry Styles act? Yes, this One Directioner can.’ InStyle

27. Screen Crush

‘Harry Styles appears in this film.’ – Screen Crush

28. Digital Spy

‘And Harry Styles? It may reek of stunt casting, but if it was, it has completely paid off. Though also not given all that many lines, he’s sympathetic and charismatic as a young soldier clinging on to life in the worst of circumstances.’ Digital Spy

29. USA Today

‘Still, Nolan’s feat is undeniable: He’s made an immersive war movie that celebrates the good of mankind while also making it clear that no victory is without sacrifice.’ – USA Today

30. Polygon

‘And of course, it didn’t hurt to hire Harry Styles.’ Polygon

31. Time Out

‘There are other characters – young troops on the beach played Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles; a disturbed soldier (Cillian Murphy) rescued from the hull of a sinking warship. Yet as much as these familiar faces give us something to grab onto…’ – Time Out

32. Insider

‘Eyebrows were raised when the world learned that former One Directioner Harry Styles was cast in the movie. The good news is, he’s great! The performances are excellent all around.’ Insider

33. Indie Wire

34. Collider

35. The Irish Times

‘Elsewhere, a group of increasingly desperate grunts, including Alex (Harry Styles: yes, he can act) and Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) squabble in the scramble to escape.’ – The Irish Times

36. Entertainment Weekly

‘(For the Directioners wondering, Harry Styles is also solid, seamlessly blending into the ensemble.)’ Entertainment Weekly

37. Fandango

38. Uproxx

‘After our screening, there was a group of teen girls huddled outside the AMC Lincoln Square on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, asking anyone who had just seen Dunkirk about Harry Styles’ performance – and, more specifically if Mr. Styles’ character perished or not.’ Uproxx

39. The Wrap

‘As it unfolds, “Dunkirk” provides one thrill after another, but it’s only in the aggregate that its power as a document of will and heroism becomes clear. It’s both a triumph for Nolan and a new bar toward which future action-based dramas should aspire.’ The Wrap

40. Propcake

41. Heat Magazine

42. Cinema Snopes

43. Newsweek

What role would you like to see Harry take on next? Could you imagine him starring in a film adaption of your favourite book? Or perhaps joining the cast of your must-watch TV show? Let us know in the comments below.

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