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ICYMI Harry Styles covered up another tattoo, time to investigate boys and girls.

Our babe Harry Styles just covered up his ‘Things I can’ tattoo and we’re not coping well with this situation. We thought it was time to investigate, let’s get our Sherlock on…


The Evidence…

Harry’s before:harrytatt2

Harry’s afterharrytatt

The Investigation…

#1 – Does the new tattoo represent freedom?

This isn’t just a cover up tattoo. It’s an eagle. There is a lot of speculation in the fandom that this could represent Harry’s solo career and that he’s ‘ready to move on’? Please say it isn’t so…giphy

#2 – Harry took his tattoos to church?!

Harry has never actually confirmed the meaning of his matching tatts ‘Things I can’ and ‘Things I can’t’. However Thing 1 and Thing 2 might have a spiritual meaning behind them. Why you ask? Because of a well known serenity prayer. Maybe Hazzy has found his serenity?harry-styles-cuddle

#3 – Maybe it’s just a London thing…

Remember when Niall said that Harry’s tattoos were “just a London thing”? Well maybe it’s just that. This is up for your own interpretation, but it’s still worth noting in the investigation, hmmm. One-Direction-London-Video

#4 – Is it a One Direction pact?

Here at MP! we are big fans of our babes tattooes. Liam and Louis both have eagles so maybe all the boys are getting matching tatts to symbolise their commitment to the band? Niall it’s time to roll that sleeve up and ink it down booniall-horan-shocked

#5 – And maybe we’re just overthinking all of it.

Lets be honest Harry is impartial to an impromptu tattoo or ten. Maybe he just outgrew Thing 1 and Thing 2 and fancied a change? Because you know one life, one body, one chance to get tattoos, so why not get all of dem?

Although we are missing Thing 1 and Thing 2 we are growing fonder and fonder of our new pal on Harry’s arm by the second.

Got a theory to add to the list let’s continue this Sherlock charade over on Twitter @maximumpop

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