Styles’ biggest stage slip ups. If it’s not fire, it’s him falling or a RedBull can in his face.

This is nothing more than an appreciation post to our very own Harry Styles (we wish he was our own) for all those times being on stage just got a little bit too much.

First let’s look at Harry’s most recent incident, when he stood a little too close to that confetti blaster and nearly exploded on stage in front of us all.

Now let’s look at another slightly recent fall from this curly haired god, because he has found his way to the ground a lot over recent shows.

Next this fall closely followed the last one and was just as dramatic…

Let’s steer away from the falls now and go back to stage props gone wrong, this was slightly more dramatic than the confetti incident but Zayn was there to help a brother out.

Now onto the bad stuff, you guys have got to stop lobbing stuff at Harry, it hurts his pretty little heart.

Last but not least, this has to be one of H’s worst moments on stage ever, we can literally feel is pain.

Let’s just enjoy a little more and watch this wonderful compilation of Styles stage fails.

Poor Harry, it’s hard being a popstar, nothing’s going to drag him down though.

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