Ed Sheeran is ‘so relatable’ according to Harry Styles. Find out why in this interview with Beats 1.

It’s not that often you can compare your own life to a global pop stars, so when Ed Sheeran said that Harry Styles said he’s #relatable we were a bit stunned.

Turns out, Eddy boy has gone and bought himself his first car recently which was a mini. Harry thought that was “so relatable” to everyone else and told him

“[Harry] had a massive go at me he was like ‘we get it! You’re relatable. Get an Aston Martin!'”

Not EVERYONE likes flashy cars, Styles. Gahd, get off his back.

Harry Car

Listen to the full interview here.

What car would you buy if you had Ed’s paycheck? We’d fancy a big range rover driven by Ed Sheeran himself. We can dream…

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