Harry Styles broke his foot and we think we know how

As you might’ve heard, Harry Styles has a new boot. No, it’s not the latest fashion from Yves Saint Laurent. It’s a medical boot. As in, he’s broken his foot.

Photo via Snapchat tidningenfrida

Somehow between One Direction’s concert in Birmingham last night and their interviews with Spotify today, poor Harry has sustained a serious injury. His boot is even bigger than the one Niall Horan’s been dragging around on stage for the past few weeks. This got us thinking—what could’ve possibly happened in that short stretch of time?

Was Harry so jealous of Niall that he wanted a boot just like his?

Did he do too much dancing and prancing on stage in Birmingham?

Did he slip on the wet stage (thanks Louis and Liam)?

Did he trip trying to get out of his skinniest pair of jeans?

So many possibilities, but all we know is, Harry and the rest of the lads have their next On The Road Again Tour show Friday night, and 2/4 of the band are currently nursing broken bones. Speaking of nurses, are they looking for one?

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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