Harry Styles Appreciation Post #HarryAppreciationDay

It’s #HarryAppreciationDay!
Here @1DMofosUpdates tells us why Harry Styles is the best person on the planet.

He can’t bare hurting a single soul.
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He can’t play football for shit but he tries for the people he loves.


And he scored a penalty goal for his team kicking the ball beautifully.

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He truly loves and respects One Direction’s fans

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He’s polite with everyone around him, even paparazzis

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He’s got swag


He’s a geek

tumblr_mudho9j6W71qfwp40o1_500We <3 Marcel

His jokes are trash but they make him laugh so it’s okay

He’s got moves like Jagger…
tumblr_inline_n86y5mtgIz1s0ydbianigif_enhanced-buzz-14359-1391209173-4-2…Sometimes not


His hair doesn’t know how to behave around his face

And we love his ‘Cotton Crown’ headband


He loves what he does and everybody else can feel it.
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Share the Harry love, comment below with your favourite Styles moments.

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