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MP! Asks: Can Harry Styles realistically transform from pop sensation to wartime hero for ‘Dunkirk’?

It’s been ten days since that fateful day that Harry Styles finally took a pair of scissors to his hair. Since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of his shorter do, and even had some great manips by fans like hazstylestrash, and face swaps to tide us over while we waited to see what our fave boybander could now be sporting. The first pap pics have been and gone, though, and, putting actual risk to our health, he’s been teasing us by keeping it somewhat hidden.


But the wait is over, because now we have some, albeit creepy, fan pictures of Harry on the actual legit set of ‘Dunkirk‘ and apparently his hair has been cut even shorter again!

Obviously he looks incredible. Although we will miss his long locks, we reckon Harry is the type of person that could make anything look good. Even a bin bag would be like couture across his sculpted-by-the-gods chest. In fact we reckon we kind of need to see that at his next red carpet. Unfortunately, though, dashingly good looks does not a talented actor make!

As you can imagine, Harry’s new hair has given us serious food for thought. It would seem it has come about all in the name of showbiz, but we’ve got to ask whether it’ll actually be worth it? Will Harry’s transition from singer, and one quarter of One Direction, to actor be a success, or will he inevitably flop? (Don’t worry, we’ll happily break your fall if that does happen, Harold.)

The thing is, Harry’s a pop star, and even then his fame was founded, with the rest of the 1D boys, through a singing contest; he wasn’t sought out by some big shot record label. And whilst many stars will make the transition from music to film, and vice versa, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best career move to make. Sometimes it can completely obliterate someone’s career and send it up in flames.

Take Rihanna, for instance. She’s made the transition a couple of times, but the films haven’t been anything to write home about.

Tbh, we feel a bit protective of Harry. We know he’s very passionate about the things he does, whether that’s writing an absolute jam, flailing around on stage, or combatting his latest venture in the form of Christopher Nolan’s new wartime film. He’s a gracious, hard-working lad who aims to please and we may or may not want to wrap him up in cotton wool.

What’s more, we know people are going to be seriously judgey. Annoyingly, a lot of individuals out there have misconceptions about boybands and their members, whether it’s about the music they are likely to produce, or who they are outside of their band and what their personal values are. For example, the label that Harry was a womaniser stuck for way too long in our opinion. He’s just your average 22-year-old in the spotlight, right? In fact, he’s probably more well-behaved than a lot of normal 22-year-olds, tbh.


Although he may no longer be perceived as a womaniser, Harry will always carry his One Direction identity around with him through every career move he makes. And whilst that sits just fine with us, a lot of film buffs will be absolutely raring to tear him down for appearing in ‘Dunkirk’. They’ll be keeping their eyes well trained on any slip ups he might make and there’s no doubt in our minds that, sadly, he may just receive some pretty harsh criticism for his role upon the film’s release.

How does this relate to his hair, though?

Well, we reckon Harry is trying to shed some of his past identity as a musician. We don’t think he’s ashamed of it by any means, or closing the door on it altogether. But, for now, Harry is moving onto a new and exciting chapter in his life and it just so happens he wants to try his hand at acting. He’s expressed in the past that singing with One Direction was one of the highest forms of happiness he had ever experienced and that it would be fun, then, to find something that might just top it.

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Perhaps acting could be it for Harry — we sure hope so!

As for our question about whether Harry can make the perfect transition from singer to actor? Well, we have every faith that he’ll be a huge movie star and we are here to support him in all the choices he makes.

That, and the fact that Christopher Nolan has directed some pretty incredible films. ‘Inception’ and ‘Interstellar’ anyone? ‘Dunkirk’ is definitely going to be more high brow than some Disney movie (not that we’d be opposed to him playing a prince), or the alleged ‘Scream Queens’ role.

Acting alongside award winners like Tom Hardy and up-and-coming stars like Aneurin Barnard and Jack Lowden, who appeared recently in the BBC’s adaption of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’, Harry is going to be amongst some serious talent. And, lbr, Nolan knows what he’s doing. Harry probably kicked some serious butt in breaking down preconceptions of his acting abilities, we reckon, so if Chris could be a babe and leak his audition tape, we’d be eternally grateful.

Tbh, we are already counting down the days until ‘Dunkirk’ comes out in 2017. We just know our boy is going to do us proud and, as excited as we were for those LQ pictures, we cannot wait for the promo pictures to slowly be released, because Harry’s new do looks so handsome. We’re going to be in a state of heart eyes for the foreseeable future, apparently, and we are totally OK with that.

If you would like to send us a tweet @maximumpop in which you just scream, we are happy to oblige in yelling right back, because, really, there doesn’t feel like any other appropriate way to deal with all this. We honest to god feel like proud parents!

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