Harry Styles can never lie because if he doesn’t give himself away… someone else will.

Remember 1D Day?

Just kidding, we know the answer. It would be impossible to forget.

While you might not have forgotten, you might’ve missed a little detail…

Remember the segment where they were all asked about relationships and girls? Of course you do.

Do you remember Harry’s answer to the question of how many girls he’s kissed?

Zayn sure does.

Why were you laughing Zayn?

Could it be… that possibly the answer was funny to you? Why would it be funny? Unless.. Harry hasn’t kissed that many girls…

When exactly was the last time Harry kissed a girl?

It appears Harry’s been caught in a lie.  We wonder what the truth is… perhaps he’s only been in one proper relationship.

Who knows? Not us!

We’re keeping an eye on you Harry!

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Written by Tashie

I just have a knack for boybands and writing. That's about it.

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