Harry Potter’s gross AF cousin Dudley Dursley is all grown up and he looks like a DIFFERENT HUMAN


If you don’t wet your proverbial pants every time you think of HP’s gross AF cousin Dudley Dursley being rejected knickerbockers by Smeltings Academy, do you even Harry Potter?


Oh Dudley bbz, you poor, poor soul.

Unfortunately, we’re about to shatter those warming childhood memories into more pieces than Reese’s, and you’re probably never going to forgive us.

As science would have it, Dudley Dursley actor Harry Melling is now all grown up, and he looks NOTHING like the chubby-cheeked little imp we all grew up with. SHOCK.

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That means he no longer looks like this:

Nor does he look like this (BLESS): 

He doesn’t even look like the original mum joke badman anymore:

Oh, and he definitely doesn’t look like this:

In fact, our Dudley is now completely recognisable. After losing weight and opting for a curly ‘do (could he be channeling new pal Nick Grimshaw?), he looks nothing like his Privet Drive predecessor.

Yep, that’s really him. Need more proof?

Here he is repping the mic at RingCon:

And here we see him donning his fanciest hat:

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Oh, and there he is with a fan (guy loves hats, doesn’t he):


Meeting Harry Melling #HandToGod #Play #VaudevilleTheatre #London #2016 #HarryMelling #DudleyDursley #HarryPotter

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Is anyone else now desperate for a ‘Dudley Dursley and his hat’ spin-off? JK would be an absolute fool not to make that – just imagine how wonderful it’d be. ‘The tale of one boy and his hat’s journey around the world’…brilliant.

If you’re reading this, JK, you know what to do.

Think you can match the old school Harry Potter characters to what they look like now? A packet of Bertie Bott’s says you can’t…

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OMG! This YouTuber is showing you how to make Harry Potter makeup palettes out of books

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