11 of the absolute coolest things from ‘Harry Potter’ that we wish were real

Do you wish you were at Hogwarts as much as we do? Even though we’re well over the age to be studying there now, we can’t help hoping there’s been some sort of mix up and that an owl will arrive with out late acceptance letter any day now. Sigh, oh we can dream.

In the meantime, here are 11 seriously cool things from ‘Harry Potter’ that we wish were real:

1. Brooms

We need, need, need. How great would it be to skip petrol prices or train fares in the name of whizzing around in the skies on your Nimbus 2001? We’re sure they’re not as uncomfortable as they look.

2. Floo powder

If you don’t fancy brooms, there’s always Floo Powder. A whole network connected up this way would be the best thing ever. No more walking to your friend’s house when you can just hop in the fireplace and BAM!

3. Timeturner

This is the only logical solution for how we’re going to ever manage to read everything on our TBR.

4. Talking portraits

How cool would this be? We wouldn’t have to suffer through trying to analyse what Shakespeare’s plays mean when we could just go visit his portrait and ask him. A* in English Lit here we come!

5. Invisibility cloak

To be fair, if we got our hands on an invisibility cloak, we would probably use it to spend extra, uninterrupted time in the library too.

6. Dragons

They might be deadly mythical beasts but if dragons really existed we would definitely be the Hagrids of the world. So cute!

7. Skiving snackboxes

“Fake it ’til you make it” would be a thing of the past.

8. Butterbeer

Well… we have no idea what this would taste like, but it’s insane popularity in the wizarding world must mean that it’s good, right?

9. Messenger owls

These wouldn’t really make communication any easier for us but it would be so cool to own an owl.

10. Felix felicis

It’s illegal to use it for exams or sporting events but it would be sooo good to have when you’re trying to buy tickets for your favourite author’s signing, or for when you’re praying your local bookstore has that book you’re absolutely DYING to read in.

11. Hogwarts

Total cheat but we just want the whole place to exist. Please please pretty please someone make it happen!

Are there any things from the ‘Harry Potter’ world that you’re devastated aren’t real? Let us know @maximumpopbooks!

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