VOTE: What would happen if Hagrid, Dobby and Harry all went on The Apprentice?

You’re fired, Harry!

Now that’s a TV show we’d watch in a heartbeat. The Apprentice: Wizard’s Edition. Just imagine, Lord Sugar with Dolores Umbridge on his right and someone like Gilderoy Lockhart on his left… It would be television GOLD!

But who would win? That’s where YOU come in. Vote for who you think would smash it.

We got our hands on these abso brilliant business cards from it just got us to thinking… Who would actually survive a show like ‘The Apprentice’?

Would it be Dobby?

He IS a free elf. At least he’s upfront about it. But we’d be a little worried about when things didn’t quite go to plan in the challenges…

Or how about Hagrid?

Informative. Instructive. It quickly showcases his, uh, talents. But the interview section might prove a little tricky…

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Harry? Surely THE CHOSEN ONE can easily come out on top of a competition like this…

What’s a TV show compared to defeating the Dark Lord?

He does have the PERF business card:

And that sass might be the thing that gives him the leg up on his competitors.


Accurate. Asshat.

But what do you think?

Tell us who you think would get HIRED in the comments below!


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