This Harry Potter bath bomb will correctly sort you into a Hogwarts house and it’s freaky af

Are you a secret Ravenclaw with ‘Puff like tendencies?

Harry Potter bath bombs have arrived and they’re way more magical than the ones you can buy in Lush. Why? Well, not only is this bath bomb Dumbledore approved but it will also correctly sort you into a Hogwarts House. How cool is that?!

The Sorting Hat bath bomb is priced at £5.21 and available to buy from Essential Relaxation on Etsy. To use the bath bomb all you’ve got to do is drop it into water and whatever colour it turns the tub is the Hogwarts House you secretly belong in.

Red is for the courageous and brave Gryffindor, blue is for the wise old Ravenclaw, gold is for the loyal and friendly Hufflepuff and green is for the ambitious and cunning Slytherin.

Naturally, we’re not the only Potterheads who are having a full-blown freak out over the Sorting Hat bath bomb. Plenty of other wizards and wizards have been hyping the bath bomb up. YouTuber Safiya Nygaard posted a video of her and her boyfriend using a similar version of Essential Relaxation’s buy. The couple even sorted their cat into a Hogwarts House.

The bath bomb is the perfect way to Slytherin the tub. Hehe. Plus think of all the bombass photos of it that you can take for your Instagram stories.

Would you use a Sorting Hat bath bomb? Let us know in the comments below. Also make sure you tell us what Hogwarts House you think the bath bomb would sort you into. Are you a secret Ravenclaw with ‘Puff like tendencies?

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Written by Emma Matthews

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