HARRY POTTER SEX SCANDAL! Everybody’s talking about this naughty scene you definitely missed from the ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’

“Mischief managed!”

If you’re a hardcore Potterhead then you’ll probably say “oh, that ol’ thing?” but us regular muggles stumble across these shocking incidents later on in the game and have our minds literally blown. And this one is a big one.

So big, and yet, it is such a small detail you deserve a pat on the back if you spotted it the first time around. What is it they say about small packages and good things though? Are you ready to question everything you originally thought about the third movie?

Tbf, there are quite a few easter eggs and funny moments from the films, including ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’. Not to mention to amount of puns that can be made out of the name “Sirius” (siriusly). For example:

Right? And then there are often more questions than answers, and you end up sitting there afterward going “but how did… and what if..?”

Well exactly! But then there are the things you notice and it’s impossible to imagine anything other than something seedy going on. Because what other answer is there? Take the Marauders map, for instance:

Who knew Hogwarts was such a hot bed for after-hours nookie? You can see that right?

DAYUM! There’s two students. Two teachers. Two somebodies pressing they’re umm, bodies, up against each other. Like RIGHT UP! And who knows from this map if they’ve got robes on? Let’s just let our imaginations run wild for a moment because look at that set of footprints walking away from the two canoodlers. Were they spying on them? Participating? #scandal

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WHY?! Someone edited Harry Potter to create sexual tension between Harry and Voldemort!

Well, good ol’ Huffington Post have been in contact with the dude that made the credits and he has this to say about it: “[They] are in an embrace… not having sex as everyone says.”

Uh huh. Ok. But that’s one CLOSE embrace in our honest opinions. And sure, sure, we’ve got our minds in the gutter. However, it’s much more fun to lol at the sexy possibilities than to accept the apparent truth: a “peck on the cheek”. Pssh!

What do you make of this scandal? And who would you guess the two people are? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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