17 times people accurately renamed the Harry Potter series and it’s TOO FUNNY!

Orphan is the New Black

Harry “bad decisions” Potter really needed to look himself in the mirror and have a talk with himself. Especially right around ‘The Half Blood Prince’ era which might as well be renamed ‘Harry Potter and Why Am I So Angry?’

Why indeed. But experiencing our fave series from a different perspective is fun as heck. Just take a look at these, you’ll be hiccuping with laughter.

Is that giggle water, or are this meme game just too strong?

1. Harry Potter according to Harry Potter…

It’s all downhill after book one, basically.

2. Draco Malfoy. And this one is pretty simple. But SO TRUE!

3. From one Malfoy to another…

Tbf, she did do Harry, and the whole wizarding world, a real solid.

4. Dumbledore. Legend… or douchebag? You decide.

5. Basically.

6. HA! Number four…

Don’t try it at home, kids.

7. Aww, Dobby. That odd little house elf.

8. And because there’s never enough Dobby in your life…

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9. BOOM!

10. Just another friendly reminder that Hermione is basically the boss of this series:

11. And if we were to rename classes too…

12. Lol.

13. You know it to be true. Dat ‘Cursed Child’ timeline man…

14. Accurate.

15. That last one… *bottom lip quivers*

16. Filch. That guy was just trying his best to do his job…

17. This is too much.

Which of these is your abso fave? Tell us in the comments below.

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