These Halloween bath bombs will make your Snape loving heart beat 64782 times faster

Polyjuice potion bath bomb, anyone?

We hope you have your Knotgrass and Fluxweed handy because we’re brewing up a treat this morning. Forget about the Sorting Hat bath bomb, a new Harry Potter bath product has just hit Etsy and it’s the coolest thing you’ll see all day.

Etsy seller, Rude And Reckless has created the most incredible Polyjuice Potion bath bomb. It turns the water a gorgeous gold colour and lets off a fruity aroma of fresh berries, plum, grapefruit and lime. Like the sound of it? We knew you would.

That’s not the coolest part, though. The Polyjuice Potion bath bomb is stored inside a Snape approved cauldron and even features it’s very own potions label. Take a look.

Told you it was cool. Rude And Reckless also sells heaps of other Harry Potter bath bombs. There’s a Skele-Gro bath bomb that will allow you to sooth your achy muscles, a Butterbeer bath bomb that’s all round yum and a Hedwig inspired Owl Post bath bomb.

The Owl Post bath bomb smells of a spicy mix of teakwood, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, cedar, amber and sandalwood and is essentially an autumnal must.

What do you think of Rude And Reckless’ bath bombs? Let us know in the comments below. For more Harry Potter fun, you can play our quizzes by clicking here. There’s over 100 of them and they provide hours of fun.

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

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