Harry Potter or GoT? Which make up collection would you blow your pocket money on?


It is a good thing to be a bookish fangirl right now. Not only are we right upon the release of a live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ featuring one of our all time faves, Emma Watson, but there’s some pretty cool stuff happening with that other franchise she’s in…

…You know, that ‘Harry Potter’ thing? Apparently it’s huge.

But now we’ve been gifted from the merch gods with these make-up lines and it is MADNESS! Because we obvs want it all. Which will be your fave?

So yeah, L’oreal has been quick on the draw with this totally mind blowing range of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ cosmetics. You’re inner fangirl might not be able to handle it, because they come with special packaging too and GAH! Swoon. Just look at these and try not to drool too much:

Look at that stuff. It’s literally perfection. You can vote for your fave at the end. How cute is Lumiere though? And can we also just take a second to appreciate the deep, moody vibe from the Beast’s one?

And sure, we would lay down our last lippy in exchange for the Belle one…

But the real question is… Where’s Gaston’s? Wouldn’t he look just FABULOUS in a gilded gold, or some kind of crimson shimmer?

Ohh. Yeah. Glitter, baby, glitter! But wait. This new magical make-up palette has left us torn. Which would we want more? Because this wizarding one is truly something special, and this time we know exactly where you can buy it!

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This is about to change your wizarding life:

*gasp* Clutch your remembralls to your chest because you do not want to forget to add this to your wish list. The shade of ‘Potions’ is out fave. Just imagine fluttering your eyes at the new Potions Master… Spellbinding.

Storybook Cosmetics have got you. Including bespoke wand handle brushes and shades to make you believe in magic, every Potterhead needs this in their bewitching arsenal of make-up and stuff.

But wait! Did you think we had finished there? Oh no. No, no, no. There’s more. Fancy yo’self as a chocolate factory owner? Because that can happen:

Just think about all those sweet, pastel colours! Or… Is this more your thing?

OFFICIAL "The Hunger Games" Collaboration. Coming 2017! May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

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Because Panem sure had style sometimes. However, if high fantasy is more your cup of tea then SHIRO Cosmetics has what you need:

This is called the ‘Seven Kingdoms’ collection and there are many more shades to choose from. Who DOESN’T want to wear “Valar Morghulis” on their eyes though? Right, ladies?

But the choice is yours. Where would you be flinging your cash? Which set rocks your fangirl world? Vote now!

Tell us which one you’re clamouring for in the comments below!

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